Last Day- We think

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Tue 8 Dec 2009 20:29
Dermot is leapin around the deck looking for land but nuttin yet.
A beautiful ketch just past behind our stern about 100m behind us on route north. About 100feet long.
Another boat seems to be on a convergence with us and its giving us something to watch.
We know there is land out there somewhere.
So today everyone is going to comment in the blog.
Not sure if we will keep it up after we get in. We will be touring the islands until the end fo the year. No formal plan but it will be generally to head north and mooch. Boat likely to be left in the British Virgin Islands but Ive not organised it yet.
All contemplating our thoughts of the passage. I guess its different for everyone and a little personal too.
Not quite there yet but im sure it will sink in over the next few days. Sounds like we would all be up for it or something similar again. The downwind passage makes it a whole different world to what we are used to.
No exciting news overnight. We are at 14:25.8N 60:14.5W quite a ways from home.
Well Ive certainly said enough so I'll turn this over to the fine crew of Beoga.
Hi, Lara here,
Well I am in my week 8 of 10 aboard 'Beoga' and can't believe how the time has past.  I'm really looking forward to the next stage where I get to meet up again with all the new friends I met in Las Palmas, and have another tour of St Lucia.  Crossing the Atlantic was a lot easier than I was expecting - thankfully, and loved every minute of it. I have finally managed to get a bit of a tan! Have ate like a Queen, and can't wait to start the Island hoping!!  Missed you all at home, and look forward to filling you all in with all the stories in person.
Love for now,
Hi all, Cormac here,
Well, the first part of the adventure is coming to a close and the holiday will now begin. A new boom is now required which we hope to sort out in the next few days. But first, the arrival party which (if Lara has anything to do with it) will last more than just one night !
I'll miss being out in the middle of nowhere with no worries on our minds other than who's turn is it to make food ? The passage has gone well with the boom breakage being our only hairy moment (more like 2 hrs than a moment).
So it's now on to exploring the caribbean islands and taking in our new surroundings.
Thanks to all who have followed us and sent their support.
We'll see you soon.
Hi , Joan Here
Feeling a little sad that this part of the adventure is over, after all of those months of preparation and excitement, it seems hard to believe that we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and part one of the adventure is nearly over.  I, like the others am looking forward to arriving and ejoying the rest of the of the holiday, discovering all the islands.  It has been a trip of a life time and i have loved every minute spent on Beoga.  I can't wait to see everyone at home and show all the photos and tell all the stories. thanks for the e-mails and the blog from the Mullerys!
see you all soon love joany
Hi from Marina
Earlier today we talked about the trip, whether we would do it again and how each of us were feeling now that we are approaching the finish line. It got me to thinking and mostly what I feel is just incredibly lucky.  To have been able to do this journey has been a privilege for which I don't yet have words to do justice.
6 of us crossed the ocean but a little bit of many others will cross the finish line with us. The wider crew that got us here is made up of Tomas, Michael, Pascal, Miriam, Niall, Morgan, John, Liam, Colm, Kevin, Marie, Barra, Tommy,Cian, Trish, Fergal, Joe & Claire. Thank you all.
To all the Beoga Beag's - Cara, Katie, Eimear, Rachel, Aisling, Cormac, Rhona, Alana, Aoife, Adam, Henry, Evie, Pia, Cian, Laoise, Dara, James, Mia, Graham, Alan, Enda, Cillian, Caoimhe & Faye- thanks for following along - we hope Santa is good to all of you this year.
Finally we continue to miss those who should have been part of the virtual (if not the actual) journey - Angela and Michael would have enjoyed playing a part. I wonder what story Michael would sold Margaret as he headed off on a 'short delivery' -no need for sleeping bag...... 
Bye for now
Dermot here, last and hopefully not least!  I keep remembering the evening we sailed out from Galway docks to the sound of a live band and a party on the Navy boat.  Some 4,300 miles later we're almost within sight of St. Lucia. Both Lara and Henry did all the delivery legs, whereas I jumped ship at LaCoruna and rejoined in Las Palmas.  Can't see the Pitons yet, but they're close.  It also seems like yesterday that we were motoring out of Las Palmas to the sound of U2, cannons, a brass band, and hundreds of spectators.  For Lara and I, this is our second time to the Windward Isles, having spent our honeymoon here some years back.  Aspirationally, we agreed next time we arrived, it'd be after an Ocean passage, and unbelievably, here we are!  Looking forward to a few beers in Rodney Bay, using the loo without having to hold on with both hands, and a long, hot shower.  Hello to all at home in Tuam, Ennis, Galway and Kilbaha!
Lots of talk of the next ocean passage, but for me I'm looking forward to three weeks of island hopping, secluded anchorages, warm water swimming/diving and some relaxation.
Last comment: We just spotted Martinique. First sight of land in 16 days!
Distance to go is same as Galway to Aran.
Thanks for all the support and help along the way.
Blog likely to be erratic from now on but may have pics!!