1000 Miles

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sat 28 Nov 2009 17:48
Celebrated the 1000 mile mark (nautical miles that is) with Cranberry juice in our finest polycrystal.
Lively since middle of the night when we were all up hauling in sails and cursing more chaafe. We had a little rain and werent sure if it was a squall so we acted quickly. Wind doubles in the loocalised squalls and God knows we are wearing the gear enough. Squall drill was ok except nothing worked.....
Sea is bigger and wind consistently at 20 kts today. Sleep was difficult as it was bumpy and noisy, a bit like the first couple of nights.
Sourced the guy chaafe I think so version 3c of the protection is ready for use. Sharp edges of the spinnaker pole were finely honed by Cormac with extracts of Marinas emery board.
A sacrificial strop is gonna be used next time.
Halyard stripped again too, leaving cover off next time and relying on a doubling of the inner core in a splice. ya have to be here kinda thing.
Dermot tweaking lectrix to see if Betsy might steer a little more sanely.
All squeeky clean again and sitting beside each other this afternoon. Water maker ran for few hours to catch up. Sucking lots of air today.
OUch- Joan just landed herself on the laptop.
A fine Chile from Dermot for dinner last night, vegetarian until a flying fish almost landed in Laras bowl.
Lots of seagulls today and just as I opened the laptop a big whale surfed along in the wave behind us. I think it was a pilot whale but way bigger than the ones we saw near canaries. Didnt hang around for us to ask his name and species though.
After this mornings splicing and boat cleaning and this afternoons body cleaning the books are now out in force. Dermots choice- diesel engines, not sure if I should be concerned......
Presently at 21:26.25N 32:55.49W .
Not a huge amount more to say today. Hope ye are all well back home and that Mickey Furey is enjoying his birthday.
time to go goosewinging.