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Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sun 27 Dec 2009 16:03
its hard to think it could get better but it seems to keep doing so.
Santa managed to find us. We left the hatches open in case he couldnt fit down the mast. unfortunately it rained a lot overnight and santa's sock got a little wet.
Pressie sorted had to be quick though cos some of us went to mass in the local church. Seems most were there for midnight mass the previous night so that meant there were plenty visitors present. which was just as well cos normally they ask you to introduce yourself to the congregation!!! I was just delighted with the airconditioning.
We had a lovely morning at Clair's Orphan breakfast. She lives way up the mountain overloooking the harbour with stunning views.. She even put on a white chritmas for us, the clouds moved up around us such is the height.T''was great to have proper bacon and eggs.
Clair and co helped with our booking for the restaurant for dinner which seemed to go missing since we originally booked. They also sorted us with a taxi to and from the restaurant which is at the far end of the island. The restaurant called Sugar Mills is owned by a Munster man it seems. It was exceptional. The pre dinner cocktails with a mellow band started us followed by amazing food. We even took a menu so great things expected back home in the new year.
Delayed start to Stevenseses day got ourselves sorted with the marina and water and a new foot pump (ahem- well i wasnt gona jump in after the tube when i dropped it in having fixed yet another little hole on the punt). Clair gave us some pointers and we headed to the Baths in Virgin Gorda which is an eroded rock formation amongst a beautiful beach. It was very busy and with no moorings free we had to anchor way off in 15m of water (very deep for anchoring) needing all our chain and rope and punt in to a dingy mooring before swimming in huge swell to the beach. Worth the struggle though. The trek through the rock formation was stunning. Snorkled in the little bay on the far side and then headed back aboard and off to a mooring in Marina Cay near Beef Island where the airport is.
The moorings were busy but we got one and swam and punted ashore to the cocktail bar on the beach with thatch tables on the sea shore. Talk about idyllic. we went straight to the restaurant beside the bar and waddled out really late at about 9pm.
A long 1/2 mile trip this morning took us to Trellis bay on beef island. Lara and Dermot disembarked. Its mad, we punted to the little pier right at the airport. They hopped off and walked up to the terminal building!
Lara has been on board for 10 weeks now. She stayed once we got to LIsbon so Beoga has been her home for nearlly 3 months. A proper bed will seem very big and soft!
We just toddled over to monkey point on Guana island all of 2 miles away from the airport - it really is easy cruising ground. We did a little snorkling here and its raining now and my battery is low so sin e for for now.
only couple of days left- sob whimper.......