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Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sun 6 Dec 2009 19:52
Getting closer.
Saw a big ship today. First ship in a couple of weeks. I guess ships and planes really stay to defined lanes and routes. No sign of other sailboats since yesterday though. I expect there will be some convergence over the next couple of days.
Another scorcher today. We attempted the kite a couple of times had so many setbacks that we left it down and hit the books instead.
No entertaining news I'm afraid.
We had a pile of small dolphins stay with us for a good while last night, just at dusk. Not sure if they were young or a small breed but it was unusual that they stayed.
Cereals are gone a few days now. The fruit and veg that was hanging from nets in the main cabinet have dwindled to a few oranges and green things that I am informed are (hang on and I'll ask) courgettes (hmm seems they dont look like Irish courgettes - mind you I dont think I'd recognise Irish ones either) .
The cookie jar however still overfloweth and we seem determined to make sure none of it spilleth.
Cormac and Dermot entertained us with some singin and strumin for a while last night. I was wondering if that guitar was worth hawking across the ocean. I assume they will get some serious sessions going when we get to the islands.
Looks like we will miss the large weather bouys. We'll probably get withing 20/30 miles of one of them tonight. We need to start watching where we are going now though. THat ship kinda appeared outa nowhere. We have an alarm on the AIS but smaller boats will likely not have them. Mostly we've been watching instruments and tweeking our course up and down to suit or trimming if necessary. UNless of course your book is good in which case it just waits.
Lara and Joan were busy stitching a mosqito net together in the hope that we can keep the critters at bay when we land. Its a pleasure being away free from that, having the cool breeze and the freedom of no shoes.
We are at 15:54.072N 54:58.664W
We slipped an hour further behind Galway time today.
360 nautical miles to go and charades has just started topside.
Could get ugly.
Wow, Id only typed that and it did- seems they dont all know the rules.....
Better go get the weather and see if I can come up with an obscure movie or book.