day 1

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Mon 23 Nov 2009 15:37
this is gonna be brief cos i havent got my sea legs yet!!
procession out of the the marina was amazing. Loud music cheering, one big tricolour amongst the crowd and u2 blaring out of the speakers on Beoga.
Disastrous start. we wanted to try the spinnaker with the new headsail furler and it snagged. we were last across the line by almost 5 minutes  and were pretty close to the navy vessel starfting us. We quickly got back into the fray wind was light and with us.
Wind stayed light for a few hours and then gradually build in the acceleration zones at the south of the island near the airport. We have had stiff wind since and its been a bumpy 24 hours. Sea is quite confused and you expect to see slyne head of the blaskets appear ahead any minute. Weather is less west of Ireland though with strong sunshine and a few clouds.
sleepwas pretty impossible for all of us last night. it usually takes a few days to get into it but this has been particularly lumpy.
all are well,  only one other suffering from slow sealegs. the fact i am typing is surprisinng me.
we dropped the kite during the night .We were close to one of the other 40.7s and were being competitive. they passed us during night and thakfully we didnt see them since. its hard to put the feet up and relax when you are in racing mode. Lots of  boats around us last night but only a few visible now. we have the kite back up and scooting along witht the odd broach.
As i type we are at 26:20.76n 18.11.73w  , we are heading south before going west as this avoids areas of light wind although i  wouldnt mind some now!!
right, im outa here before me tummy gives up. I have to get weather during this connection too.