Day 4 Lisbon to Las Palmas

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Mon 26 Oct 2009 10:11
 Busy day yesterday. Hector is wired and producing lectric. Prof Doyle following my example by disconnecting the battery while autopilot was on! Nothing like a bit of drama to keep everyone alert.
Beautiful weather yesterday and this morning. Sea was a magnificant blue yesterday. Wind angles were not great so we had to go off course a little.
Lightened overnight and we had a few gybes. We used poled out genoa for the first time last night. steadies things a little more but the prevented boom is noisy.
Wires clanging in the mast must be solved. Angioplasty is likely solution. Drill and hole in mast and if we cant snag and tie them then we need to inflated a balloon or bladder to pin them against the mast.
All slept well last night having not had much the previous night. We suspected a boat that was hailing 'alors beateau!' was pirates rather than fishermen so desperate are we for entertainment.
Phosphoresence was intense last night. No sealife though, a few birds yesterday but otherwise all quiet.
Tons of shipping but all miles away, AIS picking up stuff 150miles away!
Need to add a strop to the genoa to facilitate furling without having to mess with hoisting high to get swivel working.
Presently at 33:01.15n 11:44.17w with 12-14 knots on port stern. Marina just informed us that we should expect it to drop later.
Boat more lively this morning and sea a little bigger providing a pilates workout just by standing up.
Watermaker needs to be tried today for the first time since Lara insisted on washing her very long hair today. Scissors will be provided to all crew before the arc!
Thankfully Morgan, John and Niall sport more Beoga friendly mops. Take note Cormac and Dermot. I'll be going for a shear pre arc.
Unfortunately we are missing the Rhocodar arrival party. Regards to all - enjoy the hangover!