Collecting Islands

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sun 20 Dec 2009 12:23
Despite internet availability its been difficult to connect at times. We continue to move north and it just keeps getting better.
We left Guadaloupe yesterday morning having had pain au chocolat and baguettes delivered to the boat at 7am by an enterprising local with a rib. We continue to eat our way around the carribean and the only exercise is moving from one side of the boat to the other.
We sailed past Monserrat yesterday. There is a 2 mile exclusion zone around the island over the past 10 years since the islands volcano called Galways Sufriere erupted. The island is full of paddy names as it was a refuge in cromwells time. Lots of lads with far darker complexion than your usual Irish with names like Paddy Murphy. You cant see the top of the volcano at the moment but apparently from the air is glows red. Still over 10,000 people living there.
A fast passage yesterday with a fresh beam reach on nice flat water. This one was more like a clifden trip than an inis moir. We measure everything in local trip terms.
Arrived in the sailing mecca yesterday afternoon.
You hear so much about Antigua and English Harbour and Falmouth Bay in the books and magazines that it was a must visit spot. Its absolutely amazing! The harbour is invisible from the sea winds its way in tight bends into the island. It is a popular hurricane shelter spot but even more popular from now until may when all the super yachts arrive. We are taking turns nudging Cormac along from one mega boat to another. There is a trail of drool along the quayside here!!
We are anchored off and its is very busy in all the bays, Im not sure how the place functions in April May when the regatta takes place.
We ate in a fabulous restaurant last night. Chris the owner took it over recently and only opened 3 weeks ago. Very chatty and helpful english guy with paddy roots.
The whole inner harbour has been restored from its old Nelson days and its stunning. We are staying at least 2 days and hope to hire a car to tour the island and swim on the white sandy beaches that you see in the brochures. Seems its cheaper than taxis and gives us flexibility.
Starting to get munched upon by local flies. We'd avoided this so far but i spose it was enevitable. I know ye are feeling sorry for us.
Its hard to believe that is snowing back home.
The only indication of christmas here is the odd decoration of little christmas tree on some boats and restaurants.
regards to all back home.