Its raining here too!

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sat 5 Dec 2009 18:35
Well not much.
SO after our porridge this morning we had a bunch of squalls come up behind us. We dropped the kite to check for wear and tear and kept it down until the squalls passed through. In the end we didnt get much rain but there was plenty falling in each cloud burst around us. The wind pretty much doubles in these localised systems which is why we kept the sails down.
We were warned to expect more of these as we went further west.
Food variety is changing, I did last nights Pasta Pesto dinner such was its simplicity.
We were ignoring the treats the first week no we seem to be on one long gorge of sweets crisps and biscuits.So much for losing a few pounds!
We moved the trailing edge of the boom, which used to extend to the helm and now just about makes the cabin hatch, to one side today and put the whole bimini up. Temperature continues to rise so we are hiding from the sun a little more. Long may it continue. All have our heads in books now except for the odd forage in the galley.
We had company last night! Another sail boat. We crossed close in front of it. We assume it might have been the same one that gybed behind us this morning and continued on northwest. Probably someone en route to one of the more northerly caribbean islands. It certainly made a few watches more interesting. Who'd have thought we would be interested in traffic out here?
Fyling fish are back and a few birds, I expect we will see more and more life as we get closer to land.
Moon is later to rise each evening but since its full and there are few clouds it really provides tons of light and makes night watches much easier. It was after 8 before it rose last night though so we had a very starry sky before the moon stole the show. We were busy trying to identify various constellations amongst the dense clusters before heading off to bed. As it happens the sextant which is in a cube type box about 8 inches long leapt from its supposedly secure spot and hit Cormac on the head. He now claims to have seen more stars than any of us.
Under 600 miles to go. Thoughts starting to drift towards arrival but its days away yet. Forecast yesterday showed lightish winds freshening over the next few days but all within the 20kt range and all in the right direction. We are now 2 weeks sailing downwind. Its incredible. We went head to wind a couple of times to reef and disentangle the broken boom. Other than that we have had no headwinds, a very rare and welcome thing for a west of Ireland crew. Its like freewheeling downhill all the time.
We are now at 16:45.626N 52:04.010W .
TIme to go check the weather.