Dear Santa

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Mon 21 Dec 2009 15:08
Its too nice here- so we stayed.
Breakfasting on the restored Nelson yard pier.
We hired a car yesterday and toured the island. Joan drove (she wont volunteer in a hurry again!!) the rest of us helped from a variety of seats.
The map was useless making for an even more entertaining trip.
We were desperate for food and drink so we had  Kentucky Fried Chicken, our concession to fast food for the year.
The beaches were amazing. We stopped to swim on 3 beaches each with sparkling white sand.
First was Turners right along the road but it had tough currents. The second was Hawkesbeak Beach, big rock in the shape of a hawks beak surprisingly. Many of the beaches are private and you pay to use them. This one had a portion available to public. A shock to the system when we are so used to full access to the shore back home. The third was half moon which had great waves for body surfing- so we did. I am still picking sand out of various places- ahem.....
We then went to Shirleys Heights which was a renovated bar and grounds and hosts a weekly Jumpup at sundown. The sun set behind Montserrat while a steel band, or rather orchestra, played christmas carols. BBQ and bars and every tourist on the island. We got great shots of the bay with the boat at anchor below.
A poor and unfinished pizza couldnt take from a brilliant day.
We planned to go to Nevis or St.Kitts next but we needed to wash clothes and rest a little and in any case this place is too cool to leave.
We hope to go early in one hop to St.Maarten or Saint Martin in one go tomroow and do another single hop to BVIs for christmas.
Must try to find a flight home sometime too. hmmmmm.
ANyway tis Christmas so time to write to the man in the red coat up in the cold north. Marina put it best.
Dear Santa,