"In our defence, we are easily lead!"

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sun 15 Nov 2009 17:12
So Marina and I arrived last night Sat at about 6pm.
By 7:30 we were sozzled. We are adopting Cormac's appropriate excuse and are currently blaming Richard and Dawn our UK/Kiwi neighbours. Oddly enough they are blaming Lara for leading them astray over the past two weeks.These were the neighbours I thought would not be talking to us after our arrival night but by all accounts this place is permanently partying. 
My headache is still here at 4pm reminding me to behave tonght.
Weather is hot today, it seems its been quite overcast this week past  although still 23 degrees. I collected Marina from Dublin airport on friday night in the heaviest rain Ive seen in ages. She had been in snowy Finland and the pilot told them to put on their coats before leaving and even wished them luck as they braved the condtions!
I had some strange looks in the airport on sat morngin as i dashed around in my shorts and teeshirt in crap weather. I was delighted to be in shorts and was confident i wouldnt need long trous for a while so i left them in Dublin. The cocktail party was being held in the local Yacht (rather than sailing) Club and the invite said not shorts or sandles. I axe ya, its the canaries!!!  anyway i dug out me scruffy sail pants that go all the way down to above the ankles and donned me white deck runners. Didnt quite look the part amongst the white crumbly jackets at the event but the focus was more on the frenzy to polish off every tray of coloured cocktails that appeared. It was like freshers week in college and this is before everyone is deprived of booze for 3 weeks. Needless to say lots of talk about whether boats would have drink aboard or not and the rationing amount. I was leaning away from my dry boat approach during the evening but the dull throb today confirms that in the absence of a time locked dispensing machine we would be incapable of having 'just one'.
Lovely tapas afterwards in a futile attempt to post soak the cocktails and of course had to stop at Sailors Bar on the way back to the boat. Marina and I wobbled back at 1:30 the others kept to their routine that is 5:30am ish every second night.
There was a flag carrying parade today. 30 plus countries taking part. We limbed up to it to find the crew from Libery (paddys on a UK boat) all dressed up in red beards and huge green leprecaun hats. Top marks for effort. Certainly the most photographed bunch. Brass band leading and following the crowd as we walked along the periphery of the marina to the opposite side - over a mile long!! Local officialdom made speeches and the flags were hoisted to daylight fireworks. In case you are wondering they go bang and give a puff of white smoke. The local fuel and marina shop keeper, Don Pedro, sponsors a dingy race which is a freeforall waterfight amongst the more varied craft you can imagine, Lads in life rings to large infaltables all drowing each other- momories of Waterday at ragweek except its warm.
Bulk of folk seem to be arriving from this weekend. It seems there are still 30 boats trying to get here. Nasty weather in the straits of Gibraltar had pinned a lot of boats in. Over 20 arrived in the past few days and I had thought we were quite late getting here!
Got our code flags sorted (we are missing a couple Joan tch tch.). When hoisted they only fit the length of the backstay so we are only half dressed- blush... maybe we need a second set. Put our Gallimh flag up under the Arc flag and the new defaced ensign is off the stern.
Despite being somewhat topless or fowardless, the boat is shining though and Lara is now in demand with our neighbours. New brightly colour cushions livening up the inside. Annnnd we have a new washing line- at skipper strangling height.
Despite challenging the liver Lara got lots done in the past fortnight so we havent too much left to get it in shape. Just fitted a new shackle to the anchor and if i can ever remember that special safe place i put the little screws, I will be able to fit the replacement plates to the mast to allow us to raise and lower the main without battle, bad language and brute force.
Well iI've rambled on enough for now.
Mike if you are reading this, I ve not got to Toucanan with the book yet. Cats are kept in a different annex type harbour that is locked up. Quite right too, no point in depressing us with all those comforts and stability.
Joan, expect to hear from Aoife or Nicky from Sabrina. Kevin has a nice idea for us to take the flag they flew arriving in St.Lucia and to pass it on to future GBSC lunatics who head this way.
Lara is planning to upload photos. I'll try to get a link to her web place or Dermot will link it in the website.