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Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Fri 18 Dec 2009 18:06
we've been moving again.
we left Marin in Martinique with our new boom (yet to be tested!) and headed along the west coast of the island to La Pierre, a town that was once destroyed by a volcano.
We arrived in the evening and anchored off, went for a swim and ate on board. All idyllic stuff.
We then moved on to Dominica. The wind on our beam and lots of unannounced splashes and arrived to Martin, a boat boy, meeting us in a little rib offering to be our tour guide. This is the norm for many of the islands here. In the end we just visited a local restaurant on the beach. THe food was nice but they seem to like to play mad music really loudly. In any case most of us were in bed by about 9.
It rained for galway last night. It was torrential and continuous all night. THe mountains are very high and clouds seem to permanently hang over them. There is rain forest type growth on all the hills.
We left early this morning and did the short hop to Les SAints which are small islands off Guadaloupe- so we are back in the EU. There is a marked difference in affluence and Terre Haut, the island we are presently on is beautiful. Quite small (inis mor size Id guess) with day trippers coming on the ferries from Guadaloupe.
I just came in from snorkeling near the boat and it was like an outdoor aquarium, masses of coloured fish of all sizes.
The others are exploring the island so no doubt will have various tales to tell.
18th- nope they hadnt many stories.
Everyone loved Les Saints. very picture-skew and food was fabulous.
Back in my old blog position in the aft cabin on my back. There was no wifi as the restaurant had announced on its signs last night so I'll send this via sat phone now.
We left Les Saints this morning once Dermot and Lara had spent out last few Euros on breakfast. ATMs werent working so we all used up our cash and some of the places wouldnt accept visa.
We are motor sailing up the leeward coast of Guadeloupe now. Another nice sunny day with the odd squally shower coming in over the hills to cool us off.
We are heading to the northwest corner for the night and plan to move on to Antigua tomorrow. Thats a whopping 42 miles. Seems a lot when you are doing 25 mile days :-)
Water maker is back in action now that we are anchoring. We also feel like we are properly in the carribean when we are dropping anchor in little towns and harbours.
Wind is fluky today as we are sheltered by the land. In general its gone more southerly which will help us on our passage north towards St.Martin over the coming week. We will likely spend a few days in Antigua as its has lots of little bays.
 presently at 16:09.5N 61:48.38W
bye for now..