Day 4

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Wed 25 Nov 2009 17:02
ok so yesterday was really Day 3.
I think there is a supermacs up ahead. We had some company overnight but split up during the day. converging again now at 3 in afternoon with a 116 foot schooner crossing within 1/4 mile in front of us under full sail- very impressive.
A Swan 53 Nauta D has been gybing back and forth behind and now in front of us. They are taking angles presumably for speed and comfort. We are pretty much dead downwind under single reefed main and poled out genoa. Decided to try this configuration to see if it was stable enough to use it at night. So far we've only had a few situations where the Betsy the autopilot couldnt manage. I think we will head at an angle tonight to stop it ranging about and rolling everything on board about.
The Vikings are close!
Lina 4 is a Norwegian Bavaria 39 that is close by. These guys were our neighbours on the marina in Las Palmas. 4 lads with bikes! Technically we should be well ahead of them but we are busy reading books and enjoying weather we have not seen in an age.
Loads of Norwegians doing the Arc, most with small kids on board. Obviously the maritime tradition continues strong up north.
Lots of lounging on deck today is now followed by a dash of activity before dark. Marina is peeling spuds. Lara and Joan have finished their diaries and refuse to give me column inches for the blog- hmmmmmm. They are now recharging camera batteries- more evidence me thinks.
Been dangling our legs in the sea this afternoon- really warm water. Might explain the appearance of the first flying fish (or swimming bird if you are to believe some family members!). The 'creature' was about 6 or 7 inches long and popped out beside the boat landing about 10 feet away.
What I think was a turtle, also spun and dove beside us. Good that we can actually spot stuff without Pascal or Niall on board (makes me wonder what we are missing).
Saw a few birds too- those who havent seen the animated movie UP dont get my "Point" call- Joe will need to explain it to them. Indeed the cone of shame has been mentioned as a way to stop our towed recharger if we ever use it. Hector was tried on the leg to the canaries , its a propellor on a long rope attached to a motor tied to the boat. The propellor spins to charge the batteries. However recovering it is a challenge cos the rope all spins up and snarls you when you try to pull it back in. I meant to put a hole in a bucket that the rope can pass through and when it floats down the the propellor stops it spinning making it easier to reel in. Clear as mud huh?????. bet you are now wondering if you couldnt be spending your time doing something more constructive that reading this.
Despite the small environment and few numbers Lara managed to avoid washing yesterday and was sent off to do the necessary this morning. Reminds me I havent checked the water situation- obviously she was trying to sneak it in. She met lots of folk in Las Palmas but none of them was a hairdresser.  The ships scissors may need to be utilized.
Didnt get a rally position report yesterday and given the boats nearby and our daily mileage I reckon 'tis just as well.
All the mail gets send and received in one go, I'll send this blog along with weather requests and will receive a seperate Arc weather forecast ( i hope) and position report (i hope not) along with weather reply from mailasail.
Music for the first time today. I happened to empty some CDs from my car when Dad took it the night we left Galway docks for Spain. Just as well cos we can't connect the IPOds. However the collection is limited and I suspect will get old pretty quickly.
It seems we have a few movies on a memory thingy so there is talk of a movie some evening soon. The nights are much longer than the days- sounds familiar huh?
We went on local time the night we left  since the Canaries are on Spanish time but are quite westward. So we immediately went an hour behind Galway and will lose and hour every 15 degrees west we travel - Marina tells me we will be 2 hours behind tonight so I guess we are making some progress westwards. We should also cross the Tropic of Cancer tonight some time quite a ways south from home.
So we run out of sun at around 6 local time and we have been trying to get dinner cooked by then. Strange that you feel like heading to bed almost immediately. Knowing you have to wake for a 2 hour watch in the middle of the night is an incentive to catch up on sleep. By the same token you tend to linger after sunrise so we actually only get full sail up after breakfast which takes about 3 hours by the time enough of us are ready. As you can tell we are in serious racing mode. As I type the cockpit floor if full of women reading books. We finally realised that getting low is more stable.
This has been another rambling one -
Position for google map is  23:35.48N 23:20.01W pretty cool that we are at 23 North 23 West except that we are meant to be way further on- oops.
Marina has a waypoint called "Turn Here" that we are aiming at. Others are taking angles but we are rolling our way down a dotted yellow line on a map.
Some evidence of trade winds around in the form of lanes of puffy clouds just like wot it says in the book.
Quote of the day from Marina. 
A man goes out an buys the slowest form of transport known and then spends a fortune trying to make it go faster. 
and on that philosophical note I will return to some more Pitch - Roll and a ton of Yaw.