Day 5 Lisbon to Las try out the

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Tue 27 Oct 2009 08:40
8:15 tues.
Beautiful day yesterday. Sailed under kite until mid afternoon then dropped it to as wind had lightened. Ran engine initially to try out the watermaker but wind died further and we have been using the iron spinnaker since. Very calm overnight.  Hector has been given a rest.
Water maker seems ok after some initial confusion over valve positions, its been couple of months since I fitted it and I had forgotten which way levers were supposed to point!
Filled up the port tank so we can continue to shower in comfort. Now we have to plan on preserving the membrance for the ext 3-4 weeks.
Drilled a little hole in the mast and eventually managed to snare some of the cables that were clanging inside. Should help sleep considerably.
Atmospherics must have changed overnight. We were seeing up to 20 ships on AIS, none closer than 35 miles, now we see nothing.
A few seabirds yesterday and inevitably one tiny little land bird!
A few dolphins joined us for a couple of minutes on a two occasions. They dont seem to hang around like the ones up north.
No satellite signal as I type. Present position is 30:59.9N 13:24.7W crossed another major parallel. Distance to Las Palmas about to drop under 200nm
Talk of ETA on board here.........its the journey guys!!!!
Quiet watches last night. No ships, moon gave light for a while with cloud coming and going. Night sky as intense as ever.
Niall spotted all sorts of stuff on his watch but reckons they were hallucinations........
Cloudy this morning and it was Laras turn for the sunrise but unfortunately it was behind the clouds. Log notes that she "watched the sea breath". I think there is a book in the offing.
Sun seems to be burning through now though, fingers crossed. Light Wind is on the bow now so it will be interesting to see the grib file that returns when I send this mail.
Task for today, check out securing methods for cabin stowage in lockers.