all calm

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Thu 3 Dec 2009 18:09
Wind died right off yesterday evening. Less than 12kts since.
Made for a slow progress but great comfort.
I saw from the Arc news that many are experiencing the mad rolling and humidity that we have had.
Everyone slept great last night and the motion was helped by dropping the hankerchief mainsail and poling out the genoa.
This morning, at  following a little fixin of the spinnaker, we dropped the genoa to swop the strop on it and then furled it up. THis meant we had no sail up and very little wind. I thought we wouldnt have the opportunity based on the wind since the start but the time was right to test the mid atlantic waters. We wheeled her head to wind and took a plunge. The chest tightening breath taking shock of the cold water was completely non existent.
Water was really blue and bath warm. Surprisingly despite having had a diver clean the bottom before we left there is lots of growth starting again on the hull. I thought once we were moving that wuold not happen so quickly. Just as well we arent serious about this racing.
So a couple of hours after we planned to change sails and get her moving we finally got underway with just the kite up. Wind has been under 12kts all do so far although forecast should bring along 15-20 for the next couple of days.
Just had a nice tortilla lunch and have replaced our first gas bottle and pushed another 25L of diesel into the tank. THe spare diesel drums are burried in the aft locker and its an effort to get to them. Its easier to do things like that when its calm. Less likely to contaminate the fuel with sea water too.
Will run the watermaker again after this cos the guardrails are full of clothes drying. I washed a couple of things this morning and was surprised that it used as much water as a shower. THe watermaker has certainly made life very comfortable.
My Dad will be delighted to hear we have fishing lures astern. Nothing biting yet but there is no way they would have been any way submerged in weather until now.
Still very hot, so we are using the bimini. The boom shortening has moved things around so the bit you normally wouldnt use when sailing is in use and we cant use the normal sailing bit.
Some happy to be under it, others seeking the rays.
Dermot and Lara did fantastic pizzas last night and I was nodding off by 7pm. It really is a surprising routine when you are on watches. I think twas Dermot who worked the watch system which is a brave thing to do since you never get agreement and there are so many options. Its all too complicated for me so I just ask when im on every night. We do 2 hours on each unless we need help in which case as many as are needed get woken. If we were pushing it we would have more up and longer routines.
We are also rotating bunks. THe forwad cabin was too bumpy in recent conditions so we use the saloon berths which are great for holding you in once the lee cloths are up but noisy if there are folk using navigation table or loo.
Still no sign of other boats and only saw a few seagulls today.
Looks like there may be a spare boom in a factory somewhere. Tomas has been working the suppliers and there is an agent in Martinique the island north of St.Lucia so fingers crossed. Failing that he is going to take his boom off his boat and hand carry it out and stay with us for the 3 weeks special training that is obligatory when one swops booms!
Right I nodded off there and am now sweltering in the cabin. We''re at 18:55.8N 46:56.9W
take care