Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Tue 1 Dec 2009 17:45
Well we are at 19:59.0N 42:03.0W
After an incredibly fast day we dropped the kite before sunset in our conservative way. We averaged 10kts during the day. We also furled right in on the foresail and should probably have reefed the main but furled the genoa in fully later in the night instead. Then at 4am we snapped the boom. It took an hour and a half to take get it disconnected and stowed on deck and we continued on a loose footed main until daybreak. Everyone is fine and the rest of the gear is ok.
The break happened around the kicker connection. We removed the piece from the mast to the break and cut the ragged piece from the remaining boom and then put the shortened tube back on the gooseneck fitting. Took a few hours to effect but its working ok. The remaining boom allows a very loose footed 2nd reefed main that we can use downwind. The 3rd reef is almost an ideal length for the boom which is now about 2m or 6 feet shorter. THe remaining acres of canvas are rolled up and tied to the boom.  This allows us to harden in the sails if we meet headwinds and if we wish we can pull of of racing and use the motor for a period.
So thats throttled us somewhat although its not making much difference in this 20-25kts. PLenty of 28kt gusts overnight but its all in the right direction and the big sea is helping in a perverse way. Lots of freaky waves splashing us just as the washing gets put out to dry. Got soaked a few times while sawing the boom but the water is warm and cools you down nicely. Another hot day here. Scooting along despite the matchstick boom, indeed its slower since we rolled up the bottom bit but we couldnt leave it fully loose footed as it was pressing too hard against the rigging up high on the mast and would eventually wear holes in the cloth.
So despite conservative sailing and shortening sail at night mother nature reminded us who is in charge. Anyway the dark humour is alive and kicking. Sail is now a 4.7 rig instead of 40.7 etc
Clean and sort going on here. Cabin is a mess. Just ran the water maker for a while so folk can rinse the salt out of the clothes. Every time you change and go on deck you get a cheeky splash and its impossible to dry salty clothes properly. Another clear sunny sky and we just crossed below the 20 parallel. Certainly noiiceably warmer the last few days.
Time will probably change again in Marinaland tomorrw and we will gain another hour. Although she seems to pick the day to suit herself so it could be some other day.
Not much else today. Enough drama says you.
I'll contact the arc office to see if there is any knowledge of rig suppliers in St.Lucia. We're gonna look a little silly arriving with the we boom on the big high mast.
Oh the joys of sailing.
Beoga out.