The crew have gone German

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Sun 22 Nov 2009 09:26
 so a quiet night al round. lots of people around but all very quiet. a combination of tiredness from previous nights partying and the realisation that the time was approaching for almost 3 weeks completely detached  from civilisation except of course for the satellite phone, pcs, ipods, radars, chart plotters, gps, epirbs and all the associated spare batteries.
God how did christy colubus manage at all.
Last meal was in a fantastic Italian restaurant on the marina. Food here has been really good but services varies dramatically. The itialian had both and food was really tasty.
All the food is on boartd now. (im not going to correct spelling any more cos its too much hassle and i will have the excuse of the boat lurching around from today on) fruit and veg hanging from nets and new basket systems installed by Cormac in the for cabin - sponsored by the vege shop.
New stereo also installed by Dermot who has just gone up town to get a way of it connecting to ipods. Commander King never mentioned any of that in his books.
SInce we didnt get online to download Galway Girl it look like U2s Beautiful Day will be the song to bring us to the start line in a couple of hours time.
SHipping has been stopped and the ships that were anchored off the harbour (lots of them normally, all huge,) are all moved. Wonder where you put a super tanker when there is no room at the inn. The inn currently has a big Cruise liner docked in it. Small by comparison to Independence of the Seas which was in during the week. Google it, its 13 stories high!!
Anyway, they start us in two groups, we are in a smaller group cos we have a racing cert but all are agreed that the kettle will be put on before any manoeuver (spelling errors due to not knowing how to spell this one) is carried out.
VHF is on beside me for the first time in weeks. Instructions will come through to us on 77 pre start then we are on our own for few weeks. Except for all of the stuff described above.
We missed the laying up supper last night and I think only Fergal was there from Beoga. Trish obviously didnt tell him that we werent getting any prizes. Cian missing a laying up supper was a shock. Next years will need to be a biggie. We got instructions from Miriam that we were to buy a bottle of Pink Cava and open it along with a envelop at 6ish last night when herself and Pa would be doing the same. There was a flurry of activity around this time but we finally got ourselves into the cockpit to pop the cork (of course I thought we had broken something) and opened the letter. I knew the emotion that would be there and whispered to Cormac 'which one of them will cry first' - realised after the reading that it was me!
Rang them afterwards to make sure they were downing the same in Moycullen.
Thanks to everyone for all the good luck wishs over the past couple of days and for all the help in getting ourselves this far.
Better go help with the washdown and splice that rope (somethings still work without batteries).