Ta Se Fliuch

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Wed 18 Nov 2009 09:46
You know its heavy rain when people start taking photos of it.
Ok so they were locals and probably had never seen rain like this but to be fair we were impressed too.
Was wondering if the 'arc' title might have a double meaning.
Resulted in water on the roads and inevitable accidents so I spent most of yesterday morning in traffic.
We got more stuff done on boat yesterday, our followup inspection happened and we seemed to have all in order for the Anna the safety inspector from the event.
The list of stuff seems endless though. No sooner have we struck off a load of little jobs than another bunch appears that were actually on earlier lists but somhow got delisted without doin...
Need to get the bulk of it out of the way before the remaining lodgers arrive on thurs. Then it should be down to the last provisioning, which is the talk of the marina. Trucks arriving with trolley loads of food for boats. We are halfway there. Having the little fiat helps although you really know about it on a roundabout with 80litres of water in the boot.
Below an extract from the Beoga Bard Paul O'Dowd.
To celebrate the start of the Christopher Columbus Memorial Jog/Walk/Sail Charity Trans-Atlantic Spin, I have written the first few verses of an epic poem about Beoga. It is a work in progress.
Beoga, Beoga, go on ya good thing ya.
Before ya go, yeah, do your yoga,
'Cause there's not much head room on Beoga.
Beoga, Beoga, oh to be og again,
Wearing only my Dubarry broga,
On the decks of Beoga.
Beoga, Beoga, fairer than Sile Seoige,
When the Trade winds blow again,
Beoga will begin to go again.
Beoga, Beoga, not much rhymes with Beoga,
If the milk runs out, try the yoghurt,
With your meusli on Beoga.
Beoga, Beoga, though not from Genoa,
She's faster than the Nina and the Pinta,
With more food than the Santa Maria.
Beoga Beoga, let the wee brown birds gather,
On the head of Henry the Navigator,
and lead him over to Florida.
I think you'll agree that downloading all 1000 verses will be a great use of your precious satellite phone.
Hope all is well on deck.
Hard to add to that.