1000 TOGO

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Wed 2 Dec 2009 17:57
Crossed the 1000 nautical miles to go this morning. Not at a great pace since we took it very easy overnight and all caught up on sleep. We actually all had breakfast together this morning. Normally its a drawn out affair as people have been up at varying hours during the night so it can be anytime from 6 til 11. We were all late this morning. Joan baked some bread and boiled some eggs. We then ate some of it and launched the rest at each other as the boat rolled from side to side.
The spinnaker needed some stiching on the edges this morning which took longer than I thought (building booms is quicker) We got it up in time to make lunchtime wrap eating more interersting.
Im in my usual spot braced sideways in the aft cabin legs against the wall. Its seriously tropical now. Temperature is well up (dont think we have a way of measuring it it accurately) but tis hot and very humid. We have to remind ourselves to drink lots during the day since the wind fools you by drying off the sweat.
Stop the Press (again) Joan just spotted a whale. I'll have to turn on the laptop more often it seems to attract them. Sounds like it was a pilot whale. Just popped up to see and there are a few but staying below the surface surfing the waves. Big dark shadows.
Had some dolphins join us for a few minutes last evening and we continue to displace flying fish. The are remarkably birdlike in flight.
All just had a wash and lots of clothes washed too but drying them is difficult in this humidity. I was dry when i went up on top a minute ago and am drenched now.
Topped up diesel last evening and it looks like we are close to the end of the first gas bottle. Food is still good though and we havent hit the totally long life stuff just yet. Bin bags starting to build in the aft locker as we consume our way across the pond.
The minister for time moved our clocks back in Beogaland this morning. She also took a noon sight but it wasnt as accurate as previous time. Its seems a little trickier at these latitudes. Must get a refresher soon. We really have it so easy compared even to 20 years ago.
Ahh the peace and quiet- we just knocked off the engine which was working hard making water for all this washing and charging the batteries so we can charge everything else!
Whoa, another shout- Im just back down, they arent pilot whales, I think they might be Minke but will check the chart yoke we have. About 30-40 feet. Small dolphin-like fin towards the back, whitish underbelly.
They are gone now, I assume the engine attracted them over.
Michael tells me the postion thing isnt working on the google map on the blog.. Present postion is 19:12.5N 44:52.5W hope that one registers.
No sign of any other craft. We have the postions off all the boats from an email we get every day but couldnt be bothered marking them on charts or anything. We see where folk we have met are generally. Looks like some boats will arrive today or tomorrow. Super fast time. We on the other hand have reassured ourselves of the stocks of toilet paper and pasta so that allows us to stay out here longer if we wanted.  ahem....
Just as well we cant see other  boats, they might take photos of our minimain beside our full spinnaker. Pretty daft looking to be honest but its doing the job.
I managed to thread the clanging wires in the mast - again - and it will go again cos the line is snagged and i cant replace it with tougher stuff. I wasnt aware that it was amusing the others so much until Dermot described it at dinner last night. I may be onto a new type of tai chi.
Well I better get this off and see if anyone has found an email for a boom supplier in the Carribean for me and take note of what weather we will get in the coming days.
Regards to all.