Secret Crew

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Mon 7 Dec 2009 20:59
Ok we need to admit to some additional help (??) along the way.
Ye have all been introduced to Betsie who has worked tirelessly steering the boat through a variety of conditions. She needed a little help in the bigger and windier stuff but then that was the type of steering that we enjoy doing by hand.
Ye also know Hector who sat on his bum for the entire voyage thank God. He was really backup incase the engine alternator didnt work and we needed to charge the batteries for other essentials like figurin where we might be at any moment. so twas good to know hector was sitting happily in a locker.
Equally lazy was Johnson, the 2.5HP outboard engine. Hopefully he will get more involved if we anchor in islands over the next few weeks. In the meantime he seems to have terrorised Cormac on a number of occasions when he morphed into a lad climbing over the stern rail to attack him on his mid night watches.
A more contoversial crew member is Grover. Of similar colour and texture to the muppet he is attached to the big sock that covers the spinnaker and is supposed to make launching and retrieving the monster more manageable. I know I couldnt keep a hold of him yesterday when he decided to jump ship and headed about 50 feet into the air. Cormac has had run ins with Grover too and has a big blister on his hand where he stopped said muppet from escaping to the skies on a couple of occasions. Dermot must be feeding him something on the quiet as he is the only one to tame his notions so far.
Georgina and Lucinda are our on board culinary critics. Lucinda is the quiet one and generally keeps to herself. Georgina on the other hand seems to have a set on me. Older generations gas and fire alarms simply beeped when smoke was detected. Goergina and Lucinda are far cleverer than that. In addition to producing and annoying alarm they also tell you that there is Gas or a Fire.  Georgina is the fickle one. Dermot and Marina produce plumes of spicey vapours while cooking and she doesnt say a word. I pick up the lighter to boil a Kettle she is howling FIER,FIER, FIER (yes she says it that way too).
I prefer Lucinda myself.
God I forgot about Annette. She has played a blinder. She was born of a saturday evening on the quayside by Pontoon Q in Las Palmas. She cost 35yoyos and takes an age to hoist and retrieve due to her ropey personality. Her task, should Grover allow the spinnaker to be hoisted, is to spread herself between the forestay and the mast and stop the spinning tricks that the Kite is so fond of performing.
So the 13 of us are nearly there. Watermaker has been flat out this afternoon and sucking lots of air in the process (I lblame Georgina). 200 miles to go. Lots of thoughts about how we found it . God Joan has just wiped a bottle of Faustino to use as a rolling pin for Apple Pie and Quiche. THe inventivness of it all.
Not what to call this new helper.
So we havent quite lost the plot, no cabin fever or the like but we are starting to look forward a little more. Sabrina gang sent a few mails saying we should see the Pitons (large peaks on the islands) from about 60 miles out. THe problem with that is 60 miles is a days sailing. We go nuts watching the wind chargers in Inverin when heading to Aran. You see them from so far away and they never seem to get close and then they nver seem to leave you. Still I expect we have learnt a little patience in the past couple of weeks.
Some of us saw a huge meteor or satellite or something burning up in the sky the other night. Bright yellow/orange balls with a long tail. Must google for stuff falling to earth and see if we were close to something significant.
Some work to do when we reach the Islands. Tomas has sourced a new boom for us in Martinique following mails and calls on both sides of the pond which is great news. My 3 year old niece, Aisling, recently discovered cellotape and could not understand why it wouldnt work to fix the broken boom.  Trust me we have used lots of tape!  Some hatch damage and a few small bits. Hopefully we can contain it at that for now.
I was hoping to read more along the way. Including Morgans Christy Columbus book. That will be particularly interesting in light of my current book 1421 that Maura gave me that shows very strong evidence that the Chinese were along this route years before the Euopeans. They also seem to have circumnavigated the globe around the same period. Its amazing. 
Highlight of the evening- we found the Germolene!! It was hiding under rope in a little pouch on deck. Thankfully its ab-sence brought some common sense and we starting wearing gloves and being careful with our knees and knives. I expect it will be in demand once the critters start to bite us on the islands.
So for those mapping us, especially Eimear's class in Strandhill, as at monday evening we are at 15:14.442N 57:47.813W . We expect great geography results from that class this year!
OK the censor just looked over my shoulder and approved this message (and corrected the spelling- hey you try typing in a washing machine).
Time for one last weather check. I wonder will it vary from E/ENE 15-20 kts which has been the norm.
Beoga on 16 (and soon on 77 )