all ashore

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Tue 29 Dec 2009 15:45
Beoga is out of the water and getting washed and chocked and being given a few months rest.
THe Last night out was appropriately at the Last Resort restaurant on a tiny island in trellis bay beside the airport. Clair joined us and we had a great meal with great entertainment including the guy who started the place 38 years ago. He is 87 now but still belted out some of his own raunchy songs and signed his book for us too. You can circumnavigate the island by dingy in about 2 minutes.
Cormac and Joan left yesterday morning with us all sporting hangovers, the first in a long time.
Marina and I went to Norman island for a mooch but it was thronged with boats and folks. We planned on anchoring in coopers bay again but it was packed too so we headed back to road harbour and took a marina berth in the moorings yacht charter base. Mad clean and sort over night.
Funny to see the boat out of the water. Reality finally dawning , especially with the phonecalls from Michael as he disconnects our burst boiler back home.......
ITs been a fabulous experience, the first of many I hope.
Thanks again to all who helped us along the way. Too many to list here.
Thanks to Joan, Lara, Cormac and Dermot for a fantastic time,looking forward to seeing all those pictures.
I'd highly recommend this part of the world for sailing and am looking forward to coming back in April for some more. Maybe sooner if i cant fix that boiler.......
Beoga out.