Lazy Days

Beoga's Madventure
Henry and Marina Lupton
Fri 4 Dec 2009 19:38
Quiet day today.
Wind was lght overnight but shifty. Marina got drenched on her watch when a squall passed over. Mostly we were tweaking the direction left and right by varyong amounts but generally staying on the same settings. Its been the same all day. Sunny with light breeze never more than 15kts really.
Speed still limited by lack of a mainsail but we are still making some prgress.
Lots of reading today and scrabble made an appearance with the slowest game ever played. My fault it seems. Treat bag got a hammering today too. Lots of stuff melting and sticking together.
No boats, whales, planes or anything really. Saw two birds earlier and that was it.
It will be strange to start seeing those things again in a few days time. its really strange to not see jets in the sky. You can understand not seeing stuff on the water given the waves and how hard it is to see a sailboat. Havent seen anything on raydar either though.
Its about 700 miles to go - about a lap of Ireland but in pleasant conditions.
All are well and relaxed. Sleeping lots and generally chilled out.
Will find out if we might get some extra wind when we log on in a few minutes but it looked light for another 24hrs in yesterdays forecast.
There are a few weather bouys anchored in the ocean about half way from here to the islands so we have put them in the gps and will need to watch out for them - they are anchored in 4 kilometers of water!!!
No bites on the fishing line yet so we opened a tin of tuna instead.
No more news here im afraid.
Presently at 17:53.122N 49:32.393W
Message from Lara below:
Hi Jason, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Only for the fact that we are far from short of treats on board, I would be missing the 'tea party'! 
Also Sharon I tried sending you an email to work but didn't get your address correct.  Dad, in case you haven't been checking your email, 2 have gone your way, and Shar 1 has gone to Claddagh.
Talk to all soon,