Position 16:06:00N 53:11:00E

Mon 4 Aug 2008 12:09
4 AUGUST 2008 
Day 5 Aden to Salalah
Our position is at 1200GMT
We have motor motored the entire night and day.  Very frustrating as our GRIB forecast is showing SW winds of 18 knots.  Perhaps they employed Michael Fish?!
There has been less shipping, which is almost a pity as tracking them at least gives you something to do apart from watch the fuel guage go down.
We made about 115 miles from yesterday's 1200GMT position.
Anyway, the good news is that we are well clear of "Pirates' Alley" and will be in Salalah early on Tuesday morning.
One thing that is unexpected is that the sea temperature in places has been 3 or 4 degrees lower than the historical data.  The air temperature is also lower than "normal", which is fine by me.  Wore long sleeves in the night and Pixi had the salopettes of my foul weather gear on.