Tue 12 Aug 2008 05:11
12 AUGUST 2008 
Still in Salalah
Time flies - we have been in Salalah a week.
We've done lots of useful things like having Intsomi's fridge fixed again and doing the laundry so we are now ready for the off.
The weather is really diffrerent in Salalah at present.  Its cool (high twenties C) and humid, with a very low cloud base and lots of drizzle. 
Hard to believe we are only 600 miles from Aden.
Yesterday we visited Wadi Dirbat - hill country East of Salalah. 
That was amazing - a green and pleasasnt valley only half an hour from the desert around Salalah. 
The limestone topography is quite interesting too. 
We saw the "hill with the hole".