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Mon 30 Jun 2008 07:12
29 JUNE 2008
Midir Island in Anfile Bay
We stayed a second night in Howakil bay, at the South end.
On Sunday we sailed South again to Anfile Bay.and anchored off Midir Island. 
On the way down Jill and Robert experimented with running their cruising chute and genoa together, and Bill and Pixi plucked up the courage to hoist their spinnaker. 
We started fishing and, of course, as soon as the spinnaker was set and pulling well, a big fish grabbed the lure and the line immediately formed a massive bird's nest which took two hours to untangle  The fish was really heavy and fighting hard.  Unable to slow down or give him more line, he finally parted the line taking the lure with him.  Fortunately after everything  was untangled, and with a new lure attached, a second smaller fish decided to take the lure and we were pleased to be able to land him.  We think he was a tuna, but the meat was much more delicate than other tuna we have caught and was excellent raw with lemon juice and chopped onions, with a salad for a late lunch.
In the afternoon we shared the fish and all walked onshore for a while.  Sun-downers were taken on "Fat Annie" and then it was back to "Intsomi" for some more fish, cooked this time, for supper.