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Mon 25 Aug 2008 12:58
25 AUGUST 2008 
Cochin, INDIA
We have (finally) arrived in Cochin after ten days and nights at sea - now just where is that cold Kingfisher beer and meat madras curry I've been waiting for?
We could have had stronger winds but are not compalining because we could have had a lot rougher seas too!.
Best of all is that we sailed 1,360 out of the 1,400 miles and the only diesel used was for the last 40 miles, the generator and the ins and outs of the harbours.
Both FAT ANNIE and INTSOMI have done welll and deserve a rest (so we can have one too).
Best regards to our friends and family who have been watching our progress these last ten days.
Jill & Robert and Bill & Pixi