Becky does Bequi again....

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Sat 24 Apr 2010 16:31

 Hi, Becky here again .....


Can I please just clarify that my first blog mentioned a piss bucket,  this in no way implys that we don’t have a toilet on board, we do, a fully functional one. The boys just used this bucket so not to disturb me when sleeping, as it turned out Dad has been sent to sleep in the four peek due to his incessant snoring ha ha ( and no that doesn’t mean i am now pissing in the bucket)!

18th April

We headed off to Mayrou after breakfast and it took just 6 hours  to get to mayrou and wow what a place. As we came into Salt Whistle bay, dodging the reefs we anchored by the beach which was picture postcard. The mountains sat either side of a of tropical white sand  beach lined with palm trees with a bar right on the beach. There was a gap in the main land where the beach just looked out the to Tobago Cays. That night we ate some good food and drank rum punch listening to regge music! I slept in the cockpit looking at the stars until about 4am as we had a shower, how rude!

19th April

We had our usual tea and breakfast and headed off to shore to have a look at the other side of the island, Saline Bay. It was a cloudy morning so ideal for the walk over the mountain. We seemed to have picked up some company on the journey as we were escorted by six dogs who took a liking to us. The town was amazing, little bars and a small shop for  provisions and the locals washing there clothes in buckets outside their shacks. Saline bay was stunning, we got there just as the sun started to come out! As we walked back the dogs appeared again and one of them even joined us in the bar for a lunchtime beer. We needed a few things from the shop  which was shut but the owner spotted us and opened up just for us, you would never get that in the UK! On the route home we went into the Catholic Church didnt have time to repent all my sins so decided the view across the cays was a much better time spent. WOW!!!! Gob smacked and speachless. We had our usual sun downers at the bar on the beach then went back to the boat and had a BBQ with fish, chicken skewers, salad and cous cous, yum!

20th April – 22nd April

We set sail for the Tobago Cays which only took an hour. I can honestly say that  have never seen beaches like this before. We picked up a boy, not in that sense but the plactic kind bobbing around in the sea,  and the ranger for the Cays didn’t charge us for the mooring, maybe we looked poor?!A local guy, Sydney, came and sold Dad and Ron a t-shirt and i ordered some crossiants for tomorrows breakfast a treat. The next few days consisted of snorkling with turtles (editors note.. we were snorkelling, not the Turtles!) in crystal clear waters, walking along white sands, investgating the reefs (one of which is called worlds end, and believe me it certainly feels like it when you are looking out on 3000 miles of Atlantic) sun downers, good food, G&T’s  and we even had a peach and custard party on the bow! We saw the sun come up on our last morning and headed back to Bequia, we stocked up with more food and wine and watched the sun go down on anothger amazing day, can’t belive it was a week ago we were last here, and if you think we did it well last time you were wrong!......

23rd April

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