At last, some sunshine

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Sun 9 Aug 2009 09:19
Well, the jouney has really started now. We (Me and Chris) left Brixham on Thu evening and spent the night at anchor just behind Start point before leaving at dawn for Camaret. We then had an almost perfect trip. Not a cloud in the sky and a 15Kt breeze on the beam. Zahara performed brilliantly (as did her crew!), averaging 6kts through the water for over 100 NM. (for the uninitiated, that's bloody good for a 29ft boat!). Trouble is we got there somewhat earlier than expected and had to spend quite a while waiting for the tide to turn through the Ch du Four!  Now in Camaret, chilling out and looking towards Biscay and Spain. Some minor work to do on Zahara first but she came through her first test with flying colours.


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