Fw: Day 12

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Thu 3 Dec 2009 09:09
Hi all
Ok, the dog bowls; to explain......     Imagine trying to eat from a plate, on a table that is leaping about the place. Dog bowls are 'low aspect ratio' so don't slide. They have rubber edges, so don't slip (these are top of the range dog bowls!). They are quite deep so don't 'slop' and, as an added bonus, you can get down on all fours and stick your face in them and that seems perfectly natural! So far, so good... but; Larry, as usual, has taken it too far and now insists on being called 'Fido' and being taken for 'walkies' every morning. The mast now seems to be the main focus of his attention!
I'm cheating a little as I am writing this at dawn which is technically still day 11 but I thought I'd write something now so that I can devote more time to the main event of the day which is fishing! As it is also the day when we cross the half way point, I thought a nice 'Dorada' or 'Mahi Mahi' would go down nicely this evening!  ( I do have the Chablis as well but, sadly, only a warm one so that will have to be another day). Considering my previous attemps a at luring these 'denizens of the deep' onto my boat, I fear that it may well be 'curried meatballs' again!
The leading boats are now reaching St Lucia and we are halfway, still that's what handicaps are for. I am happy with both our progress so far and the position (Lat/Long) we are now in so we stopped moving south and are now on the direct 'great circle' for St Lucia. With the twin headsails now up and running it means we can do this. So, from here on in distance run should be reflected in the distance to go. maybe then we can overtake the other small boats who are are main rivals. If we pick up the north equatorial current this would be very good but it's a little early to say at the moment.
Ah well, Looks like the sun is up; The temps is around 25C and 'Fido' looks like he's ready for 'walkies'
Love to all, Ron and Fido (er sorry, Larry)