Becky does Bequia

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Sat 17 Apr 2010 19:38
My first Blog from Zahara.
Thursday 16th April 2010.
We all decided it was a good idea to leave at 4.30am from Marigo Bay St Lucia, suprisingly enough we were all up the tea was brewing by this time as Ron and Dad had sorted the boat the night before. It was dark and the start of a real adventure!
We motored along the St Lucian Coast towards the Pitons as the sun as setting, such stunning scenary. I made sure the guys had their breaky with an egg and bacon roll. I really wanted to catch a fish for dinner during out trip so Ron set up the fishing rod out the back of the boat which we all kept checking. I think the first event of the day was catching the first fish, luckily Dad checked the line and we had caught a small tuna (i think) Dad was delegated the job of fish basher and despatched it accordingly, great i thought just three more like this one and we have dinner..............
We sailed on by to St Vincent in the beaming sunshine with captain Becky at the helm, passed Willawilobao Bay (not sure thats how its spelt or said but thats how we refer to it) this was where Pirates of the carribean was filmed, unfortunately Jonny Depp or Orlando weren't waiting to take me away so we carried on. Leisurely cruising at 6 knots mniding our own business on the Atlantic Ron spotted a large catamaran gaining on us on the port side (hey look at me!) i was instructed to not change course but obviously not to steer left, thinking that this cat would see us or maybe the crew wanted a chat as they seemed to be getting closer and closer, just at the pint where we thought we were on a collision course a sunbaked french man appears in his trunks apologising profusely and then starts shouting like a mad at his small children, (for the record i think, i this is a pretty good guess as they were so close 3 and 6 year olds). Ah how reassuring to see a 50ft catatmaran being unmanned but then to find out that toddlers were supposed to be steering it, perfect! We laughed alot and are in agreement that the kids are now warped for life after the bollocking they received, i think he failed to recognise that it was his fault in the first place. Anyway after cooking a gormet lunch we were HOT so i suggest a soaking, Ron took the bucket, (which might i add is usually used as a piss bucket and what the fish was despatched in) filled it with sea water from a rope and drenched us all on deck, just what we need to get us to Bequia.
Only a few hours left to go and the sea is like a pond, still no other fish for dinner but i didn't care as i was in heaven. We saw some sun fish and possibly some dolphins but they dissappeared before we could get close and some unidentified fish skimming the top of the water by the boat.
As we came closer to Bequia it just welcomed us in, we anchored up after nearly being ripped off by some european beach boys and threw ourselves off the boat for a well deserved swim in the crystal clear turquoise waters to watch the sun set on the first day of many on the adventures of Zahara. And as the title of the blog states im off to do Bequia!!!

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