Big hurdle negotioated

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Fri 13 Nov 2009 18:04
Hi All,
Still in Las Palmas and busy trying to get everything ready for the big day on 22nd. The really good news is that I had to undergo the scrutiny of the ARC boat inspectors this morning in the ARC boat safety inspection. I have to say that they were very thorough! they spent about 45 mins going through the boat with a fine tooth comb and I'm glad to report that 'Zahara' came through it with flying colours. I just have to renew one fire extinguisher (which I was going to do anyway). Considering the amount of time I've spent over the last couple of years and the amount of money I've invested in her I'm not surprised but it's nice to know that all your efforts are appreciated by the 'professionals'!
On the down side, Colin had to return to UK at short notice and I hope things work out for him. I did, subsequently, have to do quite a lot of alteration to my plans as there are now going to be 2 for the crossing rather than 3. From a purely practical point of view this, I think, works better in the long run. It's only a small boat and 2 experienced peolpe can manage well enough. It also means that we have to carry a lot less food, water etc on board which not only means moor space but less weight. The only downside is that effectively with the watch system you are sailing single handed. I did have had a nervy moment when I realised that the insurance company had insisted in 3 on board. However, after some discussion and a CV from Larry, they kindly agreed but only because we are both qualified 'Yachtmasters' with considerable experience. Interestingly, the Swiss guy next door on a boat a couple of feet longer pays one fifth that I have to and sails with just his wife!
Maybe it's based on the number of Swiss who get in trouble in yachts every year! 
I've been so busy that I've missed most of the social events so far but the real partys get going this weekend so with the safety issue out of the way, perhaps I can relax a bit more...

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