overdue update

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Sun 6 Sep 2009 11:09
This is the fifth attempt at an update, mainly due to very flimsy Wi Fi... still it is always free so can't complain. 
Since the last one, we have gone further south with Janine a very able crew member. I did rather throw her in the deep end with a 110NM overnight sail but winds were light and we did end up motoring again through the night. I'm not sure she'll remember the cold, damp night at sea but I'm sure the afternoon in the Porto will stay with her!
It's a pity here that the distances between marinas/ports is such that it means either doing a more relaxed but tiring overnight sail or a long day sail with a night approach. It's a great place if you have a reasonable strong crew with frequent strong winds blowing from the NNW but not so good if you are single handed or with inexperienced crew. Still, I am still well on schedule just sorry I seem to be motoring rather a lot!
Now I've got this point I'm not sure what to do next. The plan was always to go to Lagos and then head off to the Canaries from there but I am tempted to consider just going as far as Lisbon then going straight to madeira (the currents and winds are more favourable). The other idea might be to go to Lagos then head down to Essaouira in Morocco. A place I'd love to visit but having experienced Moroccan immigration before I'm not sure I want to re-visit it. Anyway, I'll be here in Nazare until mid-week at least so I'll have plenty of time to think........ 

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