At last a definate plan......

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Fri 18 Sep 2009 14:09
Mail's been very difficult these last two weeks with  WiFi of any quality hard to find. So I've had to resort to drinking beer in an internet cafe in Cascaise (just outside Lisbon) just in order to send a few e mails and update my blog.... The things I have to do!
Anyway I'm at anchor in Cascaise bay and about 100 M from the marina. It's great to be at anchor and the marina don't mind me using there jetty to bring my dinghy into. The difference is that Anchoring is free, whereas the marina would cost 35 Euros a night! Cascaise town is right opposite and it is a very nice place to be. It's obviously a wealthy town with lot's smart shops, restaurants etc even an Indian takeaway!
I have revised my plan and now intend going into Lisbon for a couple of weeks and then going direct to Madeira. That's about 500NM from here and should take about 4 days. I'll have plenty of time there before heading off to Las Palmas, perhaps visiting a few other islands on the way.
Chris will be joining me again for the trip to Madeira and Colin should arrive in time to get to Las Palmas by the and of October.
Zahara continues to perform very well and I was reminded how well she can go in stronger winds 'abaft the beam' when I came into Cascaise in 25kts. I shall be using the trip to Madeira to try out all the various downwind sail combinations I have. These are from traditional 'good winging' to flying the Spinnaker and my new 'Twizzle' rig. That's basically using twin, boomed out headsails that are attached to a floating 'joint' just ahead of the mast. I know it isn't really a race but, 'old habits die hard'.........  

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