Fw: Day 16

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Tue 8 Dec 2009 14:40
Hi, Larry here
... and still no sign of Scurvy amongst the crew......
With just over 800nm left to run, we can almost taste the rum punch! we have taken heed of all the warnings and checked everywhere for signs of chafe (including between the crew) and have found nothing, so far, to worry about. The worrying thing is that just meant we haven't found it, not that it's not there!
The Trade winds are still holding at 15 to 20kts most of the time, so progress is as good as we could hope for. We have only had two minor showers, both at night but neither produced any squalls. Ron has spotted an upper trough off the west coats of Africa which he thinks may produce some squally showers in a few days but he doesn't have sufficient information on that yet. Whether it develops into anything is almost irrelevant as we have to take conditions as they are.
We are both suffering to some extent through lack of sleep. It's hot and noisy in the cabin during the day so catching up on sleep is not really possible.
It's now three days since we saw another boat and that was the only one in six days. Where is the rest of the fleet? sadly I know the answer to that. They are way out ahead or finished already. Still, there are around 6 in our area - are we beginning to smell that bad?