Day 15

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Mon 7 Dec 2009 16:07
Hi good readers, the Skipper is back....
I thought that the days would realy drag out here but, far from it. We have a well established routine now . First of all we talk about how we can best optomise course and speed etc. Then we do safety checks (especially trying to identify areas where 'chafe' might occur) then it's looking at the systems on board and making sure there is enough in the batteries to run everything. It sounds grand for a 29 footer but we do have quite a lot of high tech stuff here and it is quite power hungry. I reckon on running the engine to charge the batteries about 1 hour each day and that seems to be sufficient along with the Solar cells, but we still have to turn things off to conserve power ( sadly the fridge fallls into this catagory so no cold beer!). Then it's banging away on the PC, writing the blog, sending and replying to e mails, getting weather downloads and also the various data which ARC control send us. Then there's cleaning, garbage disposal and cooking.... Usually we try and get some sleep at some stage but It's very warm now and that isn't easy.
The weather is still absolutely wonderfull and we are hoping this might see us through to the end. We have passed another milestone with under 1,000 nm now to go. We have started thinking about arriving in Rodney bay and, I have to say, the thought of level ground, cold beer and a shower (apart from the continuous partying!) is becoming very appealing!
We are still having our little friendly race at the back. There are three  boats under 30ft and, obviously we will be last to arrive but we are still very close and it does make life more interesting. The overall positions for the whole fleet will be arrived at via a handicap system and, as always, there are some very strange handicaps with some people happier than others. As for me, I just want to beat the other two tiddlers....
'Cantare' and 'Ranja'. The weather has suited the bigger boats with some very ast times recorded so I don't suppose we'll figure very highly in the final positions.
More from Larry tomorrow.