Day 6

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Fri 27 Nov 2009 11:45
Hi all,
Ron returns as todays scribe ......
It's getting difficult to think of anything original to say right now as nothing really changes. I know what Trade wind sailing is supposed to be like but it's difficult to describe the sheer consistency of the winds. Larry described it this morning as 'Groundhog day', which sums it up well. We have had winds of between F4 and F6 from between 050 and 070 now for about four days. The sea do vary more than you might think with swell generated much further north coming down and giving an uncomfortable cross component. This confusion is largely responsible for making life pretty uncomfortable at times. Things seem to develop a life of there own and magically move around the boat. Something that was safely stowed  on the port side, suddenly appears on the stbd side, say on the chart table for example or somewhere equally as inconvenient; usually messy things like Jam etc! I made two breakfasts this morning. ate one and cleaned up the other from the floor! However, Zahara is still creaming along and seems to love the conditions. we are still doing over 130nm per day and are well ahead of schedule. It is simply fabulous sailing. The thing that doea change is that it is slowly getting warmer and we are starting to see Flying fish etc.
Ron and Larry
Ron and Larry