Day 12 (Re-calibrated to Thur 1200 to Fri 1200)

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Fri 4 Dec 2009 14:37
Hi all
The weather has been kind to us again over the last 24 hours. 15 kt Easterlies over a relatively calm sea lead to stress free living on Zahara. Our first fishing session ended successfully yesterday with Ron catching 2 Dorado. We celebrated passing the half way mark last night with a Ron special meal including dorado with lemon and garlic, finishing up with cheese and a glass of very fine 30 year old port.
We'd like to feel that now we're halfway, and well down in the tropical latitudes (16N ish), the main work is behind us and it's just a nice quiet run West to St Lucia. However, that's without the efforts of Sod and Murphy and their ilk who make Laws to prevent any endeavour succeeding without extra unnecessary effort. We can but wait as coiled springs, ready to react to and solve any problem. That said, I'm off to bed! G'night.
Larry & Ron