Fw: Days 4 and 5

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Thu 26 Nov 2009 12:18
Hi, Larry here 
Position report..... Tropic of Cancer at 22 deg 51 min W.
The great progress continues with us achieving a new 24hr run record for Zahara of 134 NM through the water  (near 150NM over the grou8nd) Having done most of my sailing around the coast of the UK, I am used to having to fight the wind. You know how it is, if you want to go somewhere, the wind is always foreward of the beam . It's a rule! The end result is very little practise at downwind sailing. How different is the 'Arc'? since the start the wind has been behind us, and almost dead astern for the last three days. Whichever God looks after this wind (maybe  it's an 'ARCangel'?), could I please borrow it naxt time I'm sailing back in teh English Channel!
We've had another serious equipment failure, following the latest breakages, we're down to just two coffee mugs! So the situation is not yet critical, but will be within 4 days at this rate. I blame Ron and he blames me - The truth is, of course, that the sea is to blame- it just won't stay still. You could be fooled into thinking it was the Atlantic!
Larry and Ron
Ron and Larry