Fw: Day

Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Sun 29 Nov 2009 09:14
Hi dee hi....... 
Ron ere with another installment from 'Life in a tumble drier'.....
Difficult to follow Larry's donation yesterday but it should be noted that, despite his undisputed loquasity (?) he either can't type or he has had too many secrateries over the years (perhaps that needs re-phrasing?)  When I do the blog, I compose and type as I go along. When Larry does it, he spends the morning in composition mode (thoughtfull countenance, stroking chin etc)...then he dictates while I type (including all the 'full stop', 'open brackets','close brackets' etc). If it wasn't so rough, he'd probably pace around with his thumbs in his lapels as he was doing it! However, we've usually finished by tea time (which, of course, I make!). He is very good though and usually lets me on deck for a 'sundowner'. However, by this time, the sun has ussually already gone down.
Cleaned the boat yesterday, big mistake! I think from now on I'll just leave everything on the floor as that seems to now be he default position!
Zahara seems to be going along well and the 'Sea Feather' wind vane ( now called Wanda) is superb and can steer a boat far better than any human. Also, it does exactly as instructed, goes on for ever and doesn't need feeding. Winds are still holding up and we are making very good progress. I think we may well have a few more days to come so, fingers crossed.I just wish the swell would die down for a bit.
Enough for now. Hope to include a few pics at some stage but Larry is reluctant to. He says he won't stand next to me until he aquires,  at least, a degree of skin colour (or is pasty white already a colour?)
Be good all..... difficult to be anything else out here!