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Zahara: The story so far......
Ron Dunn
Sun 22 Nov 2009 09:52
It's now 0945 and the start is 1230, so, not a very long update. 220 boats starting together should be quite a sight, however, I need to supress my natural instinct and go for a conservative approach. After all, I have aother 2800 (ish) nm to go!
Larry has arrived and hit the ground running. The boat is as ready as it will ever be and I'm excited and lot's of other things which I can't really find words for!
The weather looks good although the first 24hrs could prove a bit exciting! there seems to be plenty of wind the nest few days to send us oin our way. The difficult decision being how far south you go before turning to the west. I do have a cunning plan, however!
The blog should be updated each day at 1200 UTC and will give an automatic position. I hope also to add a few words as well.  However, as this all relies on technology, don't be worried if for any reason nothing appears! 
By  for now....... Ron 

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