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Date: 23 Apr 2010 17:42:37
Title: Italy

We had a reasonable 200 mile crossing to Italy and wound up in this strange, unfinished marina, free of charge, the entrance is silted up and really tricky to navigate and there is no water or power but its excellent shelter and there is nowhere else on this bit of coast, we averaged over 6 knots and sailed about half the way at 7/8 knots, the watches were ok but we are both tired now and ready for an early night. Off to Reggio Cabbio on the straits of Messina tomorrow then a couple of 50 mile hops along the North coast of Sicily and we should be nicely in time to pick up Arthur at Palermo on Tuesday, then some long hops to get to Portugal for mid May and home, all good but weather could be better, cloud and light rain today.
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