A Place called Minga....340km from Lilongwe

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sat 7 Apr 2007 15:00
Position: 14:22.187S 31:10.837E

At a bush campsite oppositeb the little village of Minga...In Zambia now!

Cycled 195km today...A big one! But it was a great ride, and I was exceptionally pleased with how it went for me.

I finished 1 hr ahead of the racers...yes I started 1hr10 ahead of them....but I stopped for a few photos and 'tea', and aslo didn't enjoy the benefits of drafting in a group that they would have. Ok enough trumpet blowing...what else.

The first 70km was undulating hills, with 'new' scenery, and great to see the bird life improving. After 70km the road was basically flat and conducive for good speeds.

I am feeling strong, but the legs do feel tired everyday...the highspeeds and flatish terrain mean they never get a break.

You probably pick up from the gps positions, that I the route is virtually tracking due west as we target Lusaka (Monday)

There is a noticeable change with the people in Zambia....they seem more reserved and less direct in shouting for money!

Good news received today from my friend Brian Whittingham..... He has sourced anew rear wheel for me and will bring it with him to Livingston where he is joining me for my birthday.

Hope you are enjoying your easter weekend...

Cheers for now