Back to reality....Mzouza

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sun 1 Apr 2007 18:36
Position: 11:27.738S 34:01.836E

The town of Mzouza.

Cycled 130km today.

After the REAL relaxing day and a half at Lake Malawi, it was quite difficult to leave this morning. Due to logistics issues, last night we had to move out of the private place we had so enjoyed, and re-joined the group at their campsite on the beach. Ended up setting up tent right next to the water and had a very pleasant 'tent night' aswell.

Sunrise over the lake and we were almost sadly heading off on our bikes.

The first 20km was a wondeful flat road twisting and turning as it literally follwed the lake shore. At 20 km we took a right inland turn, and started a 9km climb of some 1500m...quite a shock to the relaxed body! It was a very scenic road though, with waterfalls around, and I saw a fish eagle and quite a few monkeys along the way.

After the 9km climb, there was a great winding downhill that led us down to the river valley that was then the channel for the road for the next 50km. An absolutely wonderful ride...tail wind, slight incline, and next to this strongly flowing muddy brown river all the way. Average speed over 35km/h and just exhilirating stuff. Thich tropical bush all around.

After this the route left the river, and entered very interesting terrain that had many smallish but very conical extinct volcanos.

The last 30km was pretty average, and I think I paid a bit for the big push earlier, and also had to contend with a headwind.

Eventually arrived a Mzouza, feeling content but quite tired!

Found a good supermarket which had the now rare item called yoghurt, and filled up on a few tubs!

Now have 400km to Lilongwe and the end of this section. I should be there on 4th April.

More tomorrow!