Really the Middle of Nowhere!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sat 3 Mar 2007 17:10
Position: 03:00.126N 38:12.481E

Officially we are 86km from Marsabit, but today I felt what The Meltdown is all about, and the rsult is I am sitting in the middle of nowhere, and just before sunset, I could see 360 degrees around straight horizon, and just flat stony earth everywhere.

Cycled 84km today....terrible road surface...full of huge rocks, corrugations, and potholes. The truck was limited to 15km/hr! The first part of the cycle was still fairly green, and dense thornbush, but after about 3okm the vegetation changed to very flat, terrain, with straw colured longish grass, interspersed with black lava rocks for as far as thge eye could see! One had this amazing feeling of really being out there in the middle of nowhere.

Surprisingly, I sam, lots of dik dik, and baboons, a jackal, a pair of kudu, a wild dog, and the 'normal' birds.

I felt strong on the bike in these tough conditions, I was first to luch, and first no racer in to overnight campsite, and this after a few stops and surveying the nature! I think the months spent in Patagonia on similar roads, has made we almost enjoy the adversity in a funny way.

Bike went well, other than I got a flat right at the campsite...this is becoming a regular now. I think its the thorns off road to the campsite...have to walk the bike from now on!

Wonerful sunset tonight...looked almost like a sunset at sea with the never ending stright line horizon. And the full moon was rising on the opposite straight line horizon! Its hard to get better than this!

86km to Marsibit tomorrow...can't wait for a great rest day at the Nature reserve, and a few cold, Coldrinks!

Take good care