Just South of Akosha, Sudan 20:56.126N 30:38.007E

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Thu 25 Jan 2007 20:58
End of Day 11......once again at a campsite in the middle of nowhere....in the Nubian Desert, just off the 'main' road between Wadi Halfa and Dongola.

90 km cycled today...hard conditions....real rough road...corrugations as bad as I have seen anywhere, then lots of soft sand patches, and then 40 deg C desert heat.

I have been really pleased with my performance in the conditions of yesterday and today...I have been feelling really strong and have loved the conditions...Patagonia experience helped me a lot...its been the same but withoutr the big mountain climbs, and the 40kg additional pannier weight.

The highlight today was approaching Akosha village, when the Nile suddenly appeared breaking the stark beauty of the Nubian desert. On entering the village I was taken into one of the homes and treated like a king, being served tea and offerd lunch just for goodwill...these sudanes are amazingly friendly....More in the upcoming newsletter...probably 4 days time when I have a rst day in Dongola.

Till then take care.