Almost on the rim of the Blue Nile Gorge

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sat 17 Feb 2007 14:59
Position: 10:14.800N 38:05.674E , near a place called Dees, about 50km south of Debra the bush!

Cycled 150km today...and a tough one, but very good rolling hills, and open plains scenery. Was treated to viewings of three different troupes of vervets, one not sure what, and one the very special, and beautiful colobus monkey.

The ride was difficult because of the continuous climbs and then declines, climbing to 2500m, then back down to 2100, then back up....many times...and the legs are feeling tired....

The day was marred by two accidents with pedestrians....both bikes were sidelined for the day, and the pedestrians quite seriously hurt..... I had a close shave with a kid, while descending at speed...but made it unscathed!

Also the tormenting by the kids continues to get worse..... One of the riders was hit full on in the eye by a good size rock, leaving him with a battered eye that looks like he has been in the boxing ring! Funnily, I left camp really early today, for the great sunrise, and so was fisrt to the lunch stop, and found the kids remarkably subdued and appears their aggression levels, increase as the day wears on.

Last night I heard hyenna howling close by from about 3am in the morning through to first light...the real africa wildlife getting closer!

Tomorrow we have 17km before the big 1000m descent to the bottom of the Blue Nile Gorge...our first real experience with the Great Rift Valley....then a 1000m climb out the other side....

I am still having 'huge fun'.....

More tomorrow