Another 100km closer to Nairobi.....

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Tue 6 Mar 2007 16:30
Position; 01:35.011N 37:47.906E

Camppsite is just outside the little village of Laisamia.

Cylcled 100km today, and decended slowly more than 800m from the high point of Mt Marsabit. The first 50km where in wonderful extinct volcano territory, where I came around a bend and saw the flat plain below, sprinkled with almost perfect volcano cones that just seemed to pop out ot the earth from nowhere. The vegetation was green, and seemed ideal for wildlife, but both bird and animal life was disappointing (vs what I have seen before)

The road condition was better than the horrendous stuff up to Marsabit, but still pretty rough dirt, with lots of corrugations.

For tyhe second 50km I decided to take it easy and go off road on the hard sand of the semi desert and try and keep parallel with the road. Well this turned out to be wonderful, and rewarding as far as people interactions go.....I'll keep all that for the newsletter.

THhe downside was that I got two punctures....the thorns are bad out here.

By the time midday arrived, it was really hot, and a real dry heat....had to watch the fluid management.

Being so close to the equator, five days from Nairobi, and only two more days of dirt road, excitement is building.

I am on antibiotics as of yesterday, for some wounds that went septic, and I ended up with a swollen groin gland. Part of what I'd expect on a trip like this.....! Otherwise all well, and feeling fit and strong!

Take care .