El Fau.....a long hot day...but satisfying!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Tue 6 Feb 2007 17:51
Position 14:08.538N 34:15.248E

Near a little settlement called El Fau...should be on your map if you are folling we by map!

155km done today....from 7h30 to 13h30, with a few 'fuel' stops. The start continued the uninspiring scenery and busy road...but this time I was prepared. I was first in to luch, feeling much better after being a bit off during the rest day and yesterday. Quite a few of the participants are suffering badly from sickness issues...its time to watch the hygiene and protect the imune system...

The last 40km saw a welcome change in scenery....mountains have now appeared, the vegetation is thorn bush, similar to Souther Africa I am used to, and the locals live in round mud huts with grass roofs....just like the 'rondawels' in South Africa...

Another big 150km tomorrow, and then 140km the next day, when we enter Ethiopia at the end of the day.... Lots of km's being covered, bike and body must hold up!

Till tomorrow...bye!