Finally at Dongola...and oohh!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sun 28 Jan 2007 20:39
End of day 14 cycling....

Position 19:10.734N 30:27.843E

We finally reached Dongola and the 'paradise' where we will have a rst day tomorrow.....

Well what a day......didn't really think it would turn out like it did......lost of surprises...! Ithink they best be left for the newsletter.....

But it was 10hrs out there on the bike, a true desert crossing with no real roads to follow, I did three quarters of the day on a bicycle made for two, crossed the nile on a very basic punt / barge, and arrived at camp REALLY tired to hear that the truck with the bags with our clothes in was stuck in the desert with a broken rear leaf spring!

More soon and pics in Beyond the Saddle

I am Soooooo tired I'll sleep really well tonight.