1st day of Meltdown gone well!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Fri 2 Mar 2007 13:07
Position: 03:30.330N 38:39.104E

Basically in the middle of nowhere (again!)...about 5km from a little village called Sololo..

Cycled 80km today....started a bit nervously with the bandit threat, but then we heard we had police patrol along the way.....saw them a few times, but apparently the threat is only up till 9am. The scenery was very nice...surprisingly nice, as the vegetattion is much greener than Ethiopia. The people are certainly much more friendly and polite, and almost reserved in their own way.

First 60km was pretty flat and straight road with flat and distant horizon all around. The road conditions were bad but not as bad as I had expected....still tests the butt and the bike...but all survived! The last 20km saw some impressive mountains break the 'monotony' of the flat horizon, and I am hoping for a great sunset tonight!

The place I am typing from now, is at the side of a little man made lake, where there are lots of baboons, and good birdlife. I tried to have a swim, but the locals didn't want any of that...I suppose all fair if its their drinking water...but then they let there cows wade in it! As I type I have four guys, john, osman, guyo, abdiziz, watching me and reading out aloud all my typed words....quite amazing actually!

Another 80 or so km tomorrow, but apparently deteriorating road.....

Till then cheers