Into Ethiopia...but just...what a change too!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Thu 8 Feb 2007 17:05
Position 12:57.518N 36:09.154E.

Right on the Sudanese / Eithiopian border, but on the Eithiopian side.....Town is called Metma, Sudanese town is Gallabat. A dry polluted canal between the two towns with a bridge connecting them, and relevant country's customs immigation either side.

150km cycled today...that makes more than 600km in four days more than I have ever done before in four days!

LOng hopt day today, but handled it well......cases of saddle sores and sickness increasing, and the some of the racers are looking a lot older and drawn! Not sure what I look like, but definitely better for having crossed into Ethiopia, and having a few beers, and even a bottle of Ethiopian thats one for some of you collections hey!

Scenery has changed hugely, so has the culture...quite amazing how quickly...but more about that in the next newsletter.

Tomorrow sees us taking on the first of the Ethiopian mountain climbs....I am looking forward to it....the Rift Valley bekons and I can't wait....

This is exciting stuff!

Till tomorrow...take care